Our Last Post For The Old Website.


It is time for our new website…..

We will now be posting at the following link.


See you over there!

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041911 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday…..

CFWC is now on twitter!!  Please follow us as we will be announcing and sending cool information through twitter.  Our name is CFWillCounty.  If you have any issues please let me know and I will help you!

WOD – This looks like a fun one.  I love me some pistols!

Find your bench press 1RM.  20 minutes.
5 Rounds for time:
10 Dumbell push jerks*
10 Pistols (5r/5l)
*Choose loading.  Do NOT drop dumbells
Cash out: Good mornings x30 (45/35#)

I found this on another crossfit website and thought it would be a good read for our team as well.  Enjoy!

10 Ways to Be a Better CrossFitter:

10. Hold the bar straight.

9. Pay attention to your breathing.

8. Use less chalk. Really.

7. Read the CrossFit Journal articles and watch the videos. What’s this going to take? Like 15 min a day? Worth the time and worth the $25 per year. Stop whining and commit.

6. Stop whining and commit. Yeah, that was so good and simple, it needed to be said again and for like all of life.

5. Put sh** away where it belongs. You might call it housekeeping but, really, it’s a form of discipline. You don’t want bumpers or collars or KBs or whatever all over the place. Pick your item, use it, and put it away. Mental discipline is as important as physical discipline, maybe even more so.

4. Get to class 15 minutes early, all the time. Use that extra time not to chat or work on stuff you’re good at — use it to suck. Suck at L-sits, suck at deadhang pull-ups, suck at KB snatches. All the stuff you and your ego have been avoiding. Put on your big girl panties and do the stuff you don’t want to do. It’s called being a grown-up. And a CrossFitter. Go do it.

3. Shut up about programming. Nobody’s ever happy with programming unless they’re the ones doing the programming. Do the workouts. If you’re getting stronger and quicker and feel better, guess what? The programming is working. And if you’re not getting stronger or quicker and you don’t feel better, grab a coach and address your concerns privately.

2. Pay attention. Stop chatting and daydreaming and goofing off. Focus.

1. Stop praying at the bar.  Gather yourself, address the bar, breathe, and lift.  Don’t make it more complex – in movement or thought – than it needs to be. Lift the flippin’ bar.


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041811 Monday

It is the start of a new week and I cannot wait to get back in the gym.  We have a lot of exciting WOD’s this week and of course who cannot be excited to see what the next games WOD will be!  We have many exciting things that will be happening in the very near future and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Back squat- find your 1RM. 20 minutes.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:

4 Handstand pushups

8 Toes-to-bar

12 American kettlebell swings 53/35#


Cash out: Mobility


“This is the time.  This is the place.  I am the person.”

-Og Mandino

A few of you have spoken with me about tendonitis in the shoulders and what can be done about it.  I did some research and below are the results not surprising but a good reminder on the things we should be doing.

Tendonitis Remedy

A good tendonitis remedy focuses upon understanding how tendonitis develops and how to support the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

I have had quite a few experiences with people suffering from tendonitis, which is inflammation of a tendon. This painful condition is sometimes referred to as “tennis elbow” but most of the people I helped have never played tennis before. They were just ordinary folk who were house painters, auto mechanics, mothers of young children, teenage athletes, active seniors, delivery service personnel, and people going about their daily life.

To understand my natural tendonitis remedy, you need a little background information into the causes of tendonitis and what purpose tendons serve.

I have often been asked to explain, “Miss Mary, what exactly is a tendon?”

A tendon is not a ligament, or a muscle. It is a specially made tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. (The purpose of ligaments is to join one particular bone to another.) Without tendons, it would be impossible for your muscles to move your bones. In ancient times, the sinew (tendons) of animals was used for elastic because tendons stretch.

There are several different locations of tendons in the body: elbow, biceps, wrist, leg, knee, rotator cuff attachment and shoulder, hip, ankle and Achilles tendon. Different people develop tendonitis in one of these regions.

Additionally, along with tendonitis, some people develop bursitis, which is an inflammation of the bursa (small fluid filled sacks between the tendons and the bones which act as cushions during muscular movement).

There are three main components that make up tendon tissue: water, Collagen (Type 1), and special cells called tenocytes.

Tenocytes are very active fibroblast cells (cells designated to create structural fibers and the foundation substance of connective tissues.) Fibroblasts are easily recognized under a microscope because of their rough appearance and are the preferred choice of researchers in biological research because they can quickly and easily proliferate.

Tenocytes are the little factories that produce all of the fibers, collagen, lubricants, and fluids that comprise each perspective tendon location. When the tendon itself sustains damage, tenocytes are hyper-produced to try and make up for the losses. This leads to inflammation and swelling which leads to more loss of tenocytes.

Most people who develop tendonitis go on to develop more tendonitis. Current practices of repair surgery, grafting, and injection of stem cells to replace dead tenocytes, do not address the underlying defect/deficiency of collagen synthesis and inflammation pathways. The poor people wind up right back where they started. Most people know that their liver cannot take repeated dosages of Tylenol, or that their digestive tract cannot tolerate Alieve or other aspirin based substances for very long. So the problem of tendonitis is very real for its sufferers.

I am also frequently asked the question, “Miss Mary, how did I develop tendonitis?”


Here are the chief culprits with tendonitis:

  1. Not properly stretching and warming up before physical activity, or work.
  2. Not properly supporting your wrist at the keyboard and overworking it on a daily basis.
  3. Low Vitamin C intake, which leads to low collagen production (one of the main ingredients in healthy tendons).
  4. Low water intake, or intake of drugs that produce a constant, low level state of dehydration. This “functional state of dehydration” robs the tendon matrix of one of its chief components, simple water.
  5. Drugs that disrupt collagen synthesis by depleting Vitamin C from the body, or disrupting the normal manufacture of collagen as part of its metabolism. It is not possible to ingest pharmaceutical chemical drugs without disrupting other critical body functions. When we defy nature for the sake of profit…. nature will get even with us. There is not a single chemical drug out there that does not have an effective natural counterpart, which existed before the dawn of time. The difference is this: you cannot patent a natural substance…. it belongs to the planet. No patent…no financial incentive…. shame on us for believing their lies…

You may notice that I don’t list normal wear and tear, or “normal aging” on my list of causes. That’s because I believe that it’s a poor excuse for not supplying people with the necessary details to prevent the development of tendonitis and bursitis. What has been coined “normal aging” is really accelerated cell/tissue death due to the loss of critical nutrients brought on by pollution, stress, poor nutrition, and the excess overworking of vital organs from over consumption. (I literally know dozens of fit, healthy senior citizens who live in assisted living apartments that are free from the “normal aging” diseases while their fellow residents languish in pain and suffering.) Our planet has been brainwashed into believing that we should fall apart as we age and suffer painful deaths due to incurable diseases. Do I really have to tell you who is behind this brainwashing and campaign of fear? Don’t get me started…

Now I wrote this article for two categories of people: those actively suffering from tendonitis, and those who never want to experience it. (I never have, and never want to experience bursitis, or tendonitis.)

If you are currently battling tendonitis, try these tendonitis remedies:

  1. At the first sign of tendonitis, avoid heat. Use cold therapy only. Use the following aeromatherapy oils diluted in water for cold compresses: Camphor Lavender Eucalyptus Oil Rosemary Oil and Chamomile Oil to gently drive down inflammation. Cessation of symptoms does not mean you are home free. The damage is still marching on and this is by no means a true solution. But still, pain management is important.
  2. After the cold compress, rub on Boswellin Cream , which is a favorite sports injury cream containing the ancient pain herb, Boswellin. Some professional athletes ingest Bosewellin extract capsules for pain management of soft tissue injury, but I would rather work on the underlying deficiency problem instead of just alleviating the symptoms.
  3. Drink plenty of sugar free fluids. Sugar hastens the loss of glucosamine, a critical lubricant. Notice the prefix, “glucos” in this word. High carbohydrate and sugar consumption leads to a disruption of the manufacture of this critical substance in joints and tendons. Arthritis suffers love sweets too.
  4. Restore glucosamine levels with all natural “Glucosamine Sulfate”. Any product that has an H, or HCL in the front of this word is synthetic and only has a 50% chance of being utilized by the body.Enzymatic Therapy has the best brand, I think, but Swanson has an all-natural source too. Chondrotin A is added to the Enzymatic Therapy brand for repair of the soft tissue.
  5. For collagen production/restoration, avoid gelatin capsules because I have never been sure that you cannot pick up the protein prions responsible for Mad Cow Disease. The jury is still out on this. Instead boost natural collagen production by taking at least 3000 mg. daily of Ester-C Vitamin C . And don’t forget that healthy collagen production promotes beautiful, elastic, wrinkle free skin. Healthy seniors who have been ingesting good levels of Vitamin C for years still have beautiful, healthy skin on their bodies.
  6. Drive down pain caused by inflammation by taking Wobenzym Enzymes according to package instructions.
  7. Get on a comprehensive multivitamin like Natrol My Favorite Multiple Without Iron to correct calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E, thiamine, chromium, boron, zinc, and other deficiencies noted in tendonitis cases. The abnormal deposit of calcium on tendons is thought to be caused by other mineral deficiencies, which act in concert with calcium during calcium metabolism. Surgery to remove the calcium deposits does not deal with the underlying problem, and therefore it reoccurs.

If You Never Want to Experience Tendonitis:

  1. First accept the belief that you don’t have to develop tendonitis, or bursitis, no matter what your age. Develop amnesia about the saying, “normal aging, wear and tear, Well, I am fifty, so I guess this is normal.” What poop!
  2. Warm up and stretch before all exercise and work that involves any kind of movement or suffer the consequences. Take your time when deciding to lift something, especially over your head, which can tax your elbows, wrists and shoulders.
  3. Take the Natrol My Favorite Multiple Without Iron to stay off a myriad of deficiencies, and Ester-C described above to keep collagen production at normal levels. Healthy collagen production translates into healthy, stretchy tendons.
  4. Avoid sugar to avoid glucosamine disruption and depletion of Vitamin C.
  5. Eat as much raw, enzyme rich foods as possible.
  6. If possible, take a daily hot bath to stimulate blood and tissue detoxification.
  7. Walk some everyday to stimulate bone and soft tissue cell regeneration.
  8. Drink as much pure water as possible to keep tendons bathed in water and elastic. Healthy, elastic tendons tend to stretch well.



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041511 friday

Bench press
(add 5#).
Flora’s birthday wod:
3 rounds for time:
28 wallballs 20/15#,
28 doubleunders.
Cash out: handstand hold 3x max effort

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041411 thursday

Row 3x 1:00 for max distance (damper setting 10/7-8).
21-15-9 For time: hang power clean 95/65#, knees-to-elbows.
Cash out: glute-bridge 60-45-30s.

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041311 wednesday

Find your OHS 1RM in 20 minutes.
Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes:
10 kettlebell snatches 53/35# (5r/5l), run 200m.
Score by total KB snatches.
Cash out: GHD situps x45

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041211 Tuesday

Check out Randall getting his handstand on. This time in Mexico. Is it just me or does he take a lot of vacations???
Buy in: Run 1600m for time (12min cap)
5 rounds for time of:
7 deadlifts
7 lateral burpees over the bar
(choose loading, but dont drop the bar)
cash out: find max broad jump in 5 attempts
check out my boy bruce winning gold in the us grappling advanced div and also the purple belt division at 180lb weight class even though he only weighs 150! hes a monster! i have been training him a couple days a weak to improve his core strength and overall explosiveness and improve his flexibility 🙂
by the way, watch closely at the end, he chokes the dude UNCONSCIOUS. bad ass.
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” -Thomas Edison
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041111 monday

Rick gets his ole buddy Bob through Elements. They have known each other since age 4!!

Back squat
(last week of triples)
“Upside down Fran”
9-15-21 For time:
thruster 95/65#
Cash out: mobility

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040811 Friday

if you plan on crushing the sectional wod tomorrow, skip the front squats 😉

Front squat 3-3-3 (add 5#)
For time:
50 Pullups
50 Burpees
Cash out: Tuck sit 3x max

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040711 thursday

Row 5x100m sprints, choose your damper setting, recover between.
5 Rounds for time:
5 Wall climbs
10 Pistols (5r/5l)
*Sub for 5 wall climbs is 10 solid pushups (hr) followed by a 10s
handstand hold.
Cash out: Weighted back extension 3×8-10

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